Wednesday, July 1, 2015

              This is a story you won't want to miss!
                              By MC Sanchez and TBA     


As i walk to bored my plane back to San Diego that  beautiful face sad face plagues my mind. I wonder who he is exactly why all those girls were staring and gwaking like he was a rock star. I wonder why he looked like he had nothing left in the world. I sit in my seat and wonder where he is going and is there a girl somewhere waiting for him. That thought angers me but why i don't know, i don't even know his name but the thought of someone else touching him or holding him angers me.I don't understand these feelings they are foreign to me, maybe i just care to much about people and maybe his sadness triggered something in me. But Fuck that hair,that face,I try and shake off these feelings.I close  my eyes and drift off, and his beautiful face appears.
 Visions of me running my fingers thru his thick black hair come to me, and him touching me with his hands,sliding his hands down my stomache to a place that has never been touched. I can feel the moistness building in my folds as his hands find my throbbing nub. All of the sudden i am brought out of this wonderfully confusing dream by the flight attendant who asks if i am alright she thought i was having a bad dream cause i was whimpering and my face is flushed i tell her yes just a dream but not a bad one and tell her i am ok. Good thing i asked for a blanket because she would have  seen my hand down the front of my pants.What the fuck was that i never have sexual dreams especailally about some guy i don't even know. Alice,are you telling me something  or am I just going crazy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Matty
I hear over the speaks “ Now Boarding flight United from Los Angels to Barcelona non stop.” As I walk towards my flight I cant stop thinking about this girl. I have the book mark in my hand as I run my fingers over the photo. The girl in the photo must be here sister but the girl in the photo you could see the light in her eyes. The girl who was in front of me a few hours ago there was no light in her eyes like her sisters did. See I am a painter I see the light in everything and there was none in her eyes.
As we board and take are seats in first class Jacobs takes the seat next to me and I hand him the book mark “ Jacob, I want you find everything you can on that girl there and her sister. I need to know eveyring on the girl that gave it to me. Find out why she said what she said to me.”
He just looks at me with her straight trained military face but I see he has curiosity in his eyes “ Don’t play dumb I know you heard everything that girl said. I know you heard what she said and I want to know why she said the motto that Alex said every day.”
“ Okay boss. I get on it once we land. It might take a bit but as soon as I get a name I let you know.”
“ I want more than her name I want everything. I want the details everything even including where she buys her panties” I see the dam smug look on his face even if he tries to hide it he’s been on baby sitting dutty from daddy since one my first fuck ups.
 Matthew Lorenzo doesn’t want anymore of those in the papers so he stuck Jacobs the hulk on me. He lets me do what I want and he covers my tracks.
Works for me what daddy doesn’t know wont hurt him.  

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