Monday, June 29, 2015

Separated by college, careers, and hidden desires; Cooper, Ryan and Ansley’s unbreakable friendship has been tested. For the past four years, Ryan has been ridin’ his way to the top, Ansley has been ridin’ away from the past and toward a bright new future, and Cooper has been ridin’ his way through women, trying to get over the one that is in his heart. 
When Cooper signs a two year deal, the two best friends find themselves racing bar to bar against each other, but agree it’s a dream come true to be riding together again. 
When Ansley lands an unexpected job, it brings her to California as well. Knowing she’s avoided her childhood best friends long enough, it’s now time to get over the past and move forward. 
When two out of the three friend’s goals are the same, will it still be a smooth ride or will they start… 
Ridin’ Dirty. 

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